Zero Valent Iron

Zero Valent Iron

Sourcing the Highest Quality, Sustainable, Zero Valent Iron

CERES Zero valent iron powder is manufactured with iron content up to 99% depending on desired specifications. We use high quality raw materials and proprietary grinding and pulverizing technology to produce 8000 metric tons per year of ZVI powder with no appreciable surface oxides. There is no waste oil or other organic contaminants associated with our sustainable sources of recycled iron.


General Chemical composition of iron powder and aggregate products

Chemical Concentration
Iron 94% to 98%
Carbon less than 3.0 %
Silicon less than 2.5 %

General grain sizing options for iron powder and aggregate products

Common ZVI powder or aggregate options are provided below. Grain size distributions will vary slightly between production batches. These specifications are provided for reference. Further refinements of specifications are possible as per client specification.

ZVI POWDER – Injection Applications

Micro 44
Commonly used for injection with guar gum
Micro 100
 ZVI AGGREGATE – Permeable Reactive Barrier Applications


Micro 300
Micro 600
Micro 1000

**Custom grain size options are available without extra charge. 2 months advance order required.