Established in 2008, Envirologek is dedicated to the provision of specialized site investigation and remediation products, technology support services, and resources for the environmental engineering industry. We are the authorized distributor and reseller, regional representative, and technical support for a limited number of internationally renowned technology companies offering industry leading products and services for specialized applications in environmental engineering. We only align ourselves with the best and those that offer tremendous value in the process of investigating and remediating contaminated sites.

We provide our clients a customized approach that is aimed at providing a value driven solution to their needs or challenges.

Benefits Envirologek Provides…mission

  • Access to a network of expertise and experience
  • Focus on customized project-specific solutions, not catalogue sales
  • Timely and effective technical support
  • Equipment that meets compliance with local ratings and standards
  • Great value and competitive prices

vision envirologekVision

Envirologek endeavors to be a valued and trusted supplier of environmental equipment, products and service to our clients throughout North and South America.


Envirologek is committed to supporting clients by providing superior products and timely service at an exceptional value. Our goal is to ensure clients are successful in their operations and projects and to be a valued partner. We strive to develop respectful and responsible client relationships built on employing core values of ethical business practice, demonstrating high levels of expertise, delivering on our promise(s) and improving continuously.